• Pick up your money
  • Present MTCN and other transfer details


A money transfer sent to you from abroad through Western Union can be picked up at the nearest post office, as well as in Sberbank and VTB bank.

Post Office of Serbia has more than 1,200 locations in 800 places throughout Serbia where you can pick up the money sent to you from abroad - quickly and easily.

To receive money no bank account is needed.

At post offices, money is paid out in dinars only, while in Sberbank and VTB bank you can pick up your money in Euros. Sberbank's limit for payouts is 6000 Euros. Dinar payouts are especially good for transfers that are not sent in euros, as the exchange rate for such transfers in most cases, is better at the Post Office than in the banks.

Money transfer fee is always paid by the Sender only.

How to collect a money transfer


You need to present a valid ID document and the money transfer control number (MTCN).


Tell the post office or bank clerk all the necessary transfer details:

  • the Sender’s first and last name
  • the country of origin (where money was sent from)
  • the expected amount


The clerk will pay you out in full, as the money transfer fee is always paid by the Sender only.

* Western Union derives profit from charging service fees, as well as from the exchange of currencies.
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